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The team at Sterling Dental Clinic has huge experience in providing smile makeovers. A smile makeover often combines multiple problems and treatment that, when planned together, create an attractive and healthy smile.

No matter how complex or simple the situation is, the Sterling team has the experience and ability to perform the required work to the highest standards. We have treated patients with a multitude of issues.

In one case, a patient had to undergo different treatments to create her perfect smile – this involved gum repositioning, whitening, bridges, crowns, veneers, and even hygiene. The patient was not only delighted with the result that exceeded her aesthetic expectations, but she was also thankful that it also provided improved function and overall healthy teeth. This was a hugely challenging and rewarding case for a highly deserving and motivated patient!

Smile Makeover - Before and After

We offer all aspects of cosmetic dentistry ranging from high-quality ceramic crowns and bridge work to gold crowns, porcelain laminates, inlays and tooth-coloured fillings, and also a one hour in-office teeth whitening procedure for patients needing a quick fix. The latest is the full mouth rehabilitation with fixed dental implants.

Like any cosmetic procedure, it’s hugely important that you feel confident and are properly educated about the treatment you will receive. It’s important for our team that final results exceed your expectations!

Dental Veneers in Delhi Before and After Dental Veneers in Delhi Before and After Dental Veneers in Delhi Before and After

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The gradual wear of the occlusal surfaces of teeth is a normal process during the lifetime of a patient. However, excessive occlusal wear can result in pulpal pathology, occlusal disharmony, impaired function, and esthetic disfigurement. Tooth wear can be classified as attrition, abrasion, and erosion depending on its cause.

Case Details

Patient reported with difficulty in chewing food, generalized sensitivity, and felt reduced facial height over past years

H/O - GERD syndrome

Treatment Planned - root canal in lower anteriors with crown lengthening

  • Bite raise of 4mm planned
  • Crowns at raised vertical dimension
  • Metal free crowns - 3M LAVA Premium crowns
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