Best Braces and Aligners Treatment

Best Braces and Aligners Treatment in Delhi

Dental braces are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also aiming to improve dental health. Braces also fix gaps.

Dental braces are appliances used to align or straighten the teeth. They do so by moving your teeth in the desired position. Being made of wires, brackets, and bands, they create the right push. Apart from perfectly aligning the teeth, braces aid to correct the jaw positioning, improves speech & biting disorders, and is a major contributor in aesthetically enhancing your smile. The treatment options and modalities can only be known after a dental visit. In case you have any questions, contact Sterling Dental Clinic for enquiry.

Our team of orthodontists at Sterling Dental Clinic provide complete solution to any kind of malalignment of teeth. These treatments help one to straighten their teeth, fix the bite and improve the smile. Braces can also line up the jaws, close excessive spaces between teeth, space out of crowded teeth, and improves the jaw shape. Our treatment concept has always been face-driven orthodontics as we concentrate on maximizing the effect of the treatment on the entire face and not just the teeth.

Best Braces and Aligners Treatment

At Sterling Dental clinic, we provide a complete holistic approach by the best orthodontist for dental braces treatment. The first step of the treatment is a complete case history and understanding the needs or expectations of the patient from the treatment. Following this a thorough smile analysis and case planning is done with diagnostic scans and X-rays before proceeding with the treatment.

Due to our expertise, we can offer every type of orthodontic treatment currently available in India and overseas, including fast-acting braces, cosmetic teeth alignment, invisible/cosmetic clear braces, etc. To know more about dental braces treatment cost, consult our dentists today at Sterling Dental Clinic, the best dental braces treatment clinic in Delhi.

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