Best Straumann Implant Treatment in India

Best Straumann Implant Treatment in India

There was a time when your neighbouring teeth had to bear the brunt while filling the gap of a lost tooth. With Dental Implants you are safe now and you no longer have to lose the surface of your teeth so as to replace the lost one. Dental implants are more stable, durable, natural looking and also cost-effective when compared to other conventional methods of teeth restoration. Today, dental implants have become a go-to option for people with single or multiple tooth loss.

Though Dental Implantation is a standard procedure now, its success depends upon the quality of Dental Implants used and the expertise of your Dentist (more on this later). The quality of Dental Implants depends upon the manufacturers. And since many years now, ‘Straumann’ is considered the gold standard of Dental Implants. Straumann is known worldwide for its finest range of Dental implants manufactured by working closely with top research universities and medical institutes around the world.  Features of Straumann Dental Implants:

  • Exception quality yet affordably priced.
  • Implants with Lifelong warranty.
  • Best healing implants in the world with the highest healing rates.
  • Two times longer in service than competitors.

Sterling Dental Clinic is your best option if you are considering to go for Straumann Implant Treatment. Our expert dental team at Sterling Dental Clinic conducts a thorough diagnosis of your condition and walks you through all the available treatment options after analysing oral x-rays. Each and every aspect of the treatment is clearly explained to you and the implantation process starts after you take your decision. The rest of the procedure is as simple as nut and bolt (no pain though).

Our state-of-art system meticulously inserts the Straumann dental implant into the jaw; of course, under local anaesthetic. As the bone grows around the implant during the healing stage a temporary cap is placed on the Straumann implant, it is natural looking too.

Price of Straumann Implant Procedure is very less when compared to the long term costs associated with conventional dental procedures. The success of the Implantation procedure depends on the expertise of your dentist. A world class dental implantation procedure like Straumann calls for a well-trained team of Dentist. With a team of highly skilled dentists and state-of-art equipment, Sterling Dental Clinic is the most trusted name for Straumann Dental Implantation in Hyderabad.

Get your appointment scheduled at Sterling Dental Clinic today and get the best Straumann Implant Treatment in India!

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