Straumann Implants in India

A dental implant solution looks and feels like your natural teeth – there is simply no visible difference. You can feel more comfortable talking, smiling and eating too. 

Our natural teeth help bone to remain strong and healthy. The forces we generate as we chew transmit through the tooth roots to the bone, which stimulates the maintenance of bone density. If a tooth is missing, the bone around it doesn’t receive this stimulation and may begin to slowly recede over time. With shrinking bone, the shape of your face may also change over time. 

One of the biggest advantages of an implant is that it restores full chewing power. Most patients can’t tell the difference between their natural teeth and the implant tooth. They can eat with it completely normally, and they can brush and floss normally as well.

Straumann dental implants are the finest quality dental implants. The Straumann system uses the finest materials and the latest technology to produce the best results. Straumann dental implants provide optimum standards of functionality, as well as increased comfort and enhanced aesthetics.

Straumann implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth or poor alignment. Although there are a number of techniques which are used to deliver the ultimate smile makeover, if you suffer from missing teeth, then the Straumann dental implant system is simply lifechanging.

Straumann implants are superior to other dental implants in the industry, due to the advanced technology behind this type of cosmetic procedure. Your new implanted tooth or teeth will allow you to smile, laugh and even eat with confidence again, safe in the knowledge that you have been equipped with an artificial replacement that is durable and long-lasting.

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With the right team, implant procedures are absolutely painless and extremely comfortable. Although, the team at Sterling Dental Clinic is excellent at surgical precision, they are given further training to carry out the procedures in a manner that is gentle and extremely relaxing for the patient. This is combined with a soothing ambience and most of our patients are very comfortable through the entire process. We even provide sedation options for patients upon request.

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