India is progressively rising as the destination of choice for a wide scope of medical and dental treatment. Because of its world-class healthcare facilities at low rates compared to other countries, patients are attracted to India for all sorts of treatments. People from the USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and even South America plan their trip to India for dental treatment also enjoying the beauty of India while on their journey to get their dental issues resolved.


·        Globally Certified Dentists – India has globally certified dental clinics utilizing the most recent innovative techniques and highly qualified dentists and clinical care staff.

·        Cost Effective – Dental treatment in India is cost-effective. The expense of dental treatments in the USA, Europe, Australia is roughly multiple times more than that in India.

·        No Language Barrier – Dental staff can speak fluent English, you need not worry about communicating.

·        Easy Visa Grant and Accommodation – There are a number of world-class hotels in India offering excellent hospitality services.

·        Beautiful Tourist Place – Great place to visit because of its natural scenic beauty and cultural heritage. Combine your dental visit with a great vacation in India.


India has the best dental implant centers and cosmetic clinics. Dental clinics in India offer great ambiance and use advanced dental operatory. They maintain efficient infection control for the safety of patients and maintain OSHA standards of sterilization. They use recent innovative equipment diagnostic aids like advanced dental x-ray machines like digital RVG, CBCT scan, laser techniques, BIO PAK, etc. 

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Coming to dental specialists, India has highly trained implantologists and cosmetic dentists. Indian dental clinics offer a plethora of dental procedures including recent advancements like digital smile design, smile makeover and practice all kinds of sedation techniques. A number of dental clinics in India have an in-house lab or work in collaboration with various dental labs. 


Dental treatment is very expensive in North-American and European countries. Dental treatment in India would cost you approximately 1/4th or 1/5th of the cost they charge in the USA, the UK for the same treatment. Indian dental clinics offer dental treatment at a very reasonable cost without compromising on quality. So, if you want to do some penny-pinching, visit India for dental needs.

Let us look at some of the common dental treatments, the techniques used, and the cost associated with such treatments in India and other countries.


RCT is the common dental treatment that helps in retaining the natural tooth when merely filling the cavity cannot save the tooth from decay. It is the procedure of removing the infection from the tooth completely and sealing the tooth to prevent it from further decay.

RCT is usually done in two or three visits depending on the infection. Single-visit RCT cannot be done in all cases. It depends on clinical conditions. 

CountryUSAUK AustraliaUAEIndia 
RCT Cost$700$690$1700$680$50

 In India, dentists use advanced technology to perform RCT to make it painless, reduce treatment duration and make the tooth completely free from infection. The latest techniques practiced in India as well as in other countries are Advanced Rotary Equipment, Laser-assisted RCT, Micro Endodontics. 

Rotary equipment used in India is Xsmart Protaper system, Mtwo, Protaper next, etc. Using these advanced techniques helps to clean and fill the root canals properly and reduce clinical time. In Laser-assisted RCT, laser diode helps to kill the bacteria, melt and remove debris from the root canals. Thus, the tooth can be 100% infection-free. 

Recent advancement i.e., micro endodontics uses a dental operatory microscope to improve the dentist’s visual field. It helps the dentist to locate cracks, extra canals and eventually it increases the success rate of the treatment. 


Dental implants are the ideal replacement for a missing tooth when compared to the crown and bridge. Biocompatible metals like Titanium/Zirconium are used for these implants. The implant which is like a screw is drilled into the bone and once it gets osseointegrated(fused) with the bone, a cap is placed over the implant. 

CountryUSAUK AustraliaUAEIndia 
Dental Implant Cost$1700$1500$2800$1600$500

This treatment when done appropriately by an experienced dentist lasts for a lifetime. Implants can replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, and completely missing teeth. Based on the clinical situations like the amount of bone present in the jaw, the patient’s medical conditions are taken into consideration when planning for suitable dental implants. 

India has highly experienced dental implantologists to diagnose, plan, and execute the treatment for dental implants. Coming to India for dental implants can save your money up to 70%. Here’s the cost comparison of different implants in different countries.


Teeth whitening also called bleaching makes your teeth shine brighter and makes your smile look better. It whitens the teeth that are stained because of your oral habits, food habits, and the aging process. 

CountryUSAUK AustraliaUAEIndia 
Teeth Whitening Cost$600$450$400$680$200

Bleaching is of two types-

a) In-office bleaching 

b) Home bleaching

Cosmetic specialists in India practice office bleach techniques like a light-activated system, chemically activated the system and laser-assisted system to obtain the best results.


Crown is a cap on the tooth. Crown is usually placed on a root canal treated tooth to give it extra strength, fractured tooth to prevent it from further damage, for cosmetic reasons.

CountryUSAUK AustraliaUAEIndia 

Types of Crowns:

a) All-Metal Crowns- complete crown made of metal, esthetically not acceptable though the strength is good.

b) Metal-Ceramic Crowns-made of metal with porcelain fused to it. Strength and aesthetics are good.

c) All-Ceramic Crowns (completely metal-free)- advantages are highly esthetic matching the tooth color, biocompatible, good strength. Types of all-ceramic crowns used in India are Zirconia, Ips emax, Nobel Bio, Sirona in lab.

CAD-CAM system is the advanced technology used in India. CAD-CAM is a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing system. In this system, design for the manufacture of the crown is done by computer software and the machine manufactures crown of exact fit. This superior system produces crowns of appropriate fit and utmost durability. 


Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of ceramic structures on the surface of the tooth. These are used for cosmetic purposes, to close minor gaps between the teeth, to alter the shape of the teeth. Porcelain veneers used worldwide are IPS emax, IPS empress, Sirona, etc.

CountryUSAUK AustraliaUAEIndia 
Veneers Cost$1000$800$1300$420$300

It’s clear that the obvious reason for people to choose India as the preferred destination for dental tourism is its low-cost dental care delivery without compromising on the quality. The other reason being is its popularity as a tourist destination. 

Let’s see how you can amend your dental visit into a fun-filled vacation.


India is known for its varied cultures and religions. Its various cultural sites attract many travelers from across the globe. India has a combination of famous historical sites, art and architecture, food, beaches, picturesque hills, resorts, and flamboyant festivities which make India a perfect destination for holidays.


Delhi is the capital of India. It is a large metropolitan city located in northern India. It is famous for its tourist attractions. It has a great transportation system. The city has world-class healthcare facilities with sophisticated equipment and highly qualified doctors. It also has world-class dental clinics for patients seeking the best.


Delhi is known for its cultural sites, multiple cuisines, arts and crafts, administration buildings, etc. Here are some of the famous places to visit in Delhi.

·        TAJ MAHAL: The first thing that comes to your mind when you are in India is the Taj Mahal. Yes, it is quite close to Delhi, roughly 235 km(145 miles) from Delhi. It is one of the most beautiful monuments and one of the wonders of the world. It is an ivory-white marble mausoleum. You can plan to visit this place anytime between sunrise and sunset.

·        INDIA GATE: It is famous for its architecture.

·        RED FORT: It is an old historical fort known for its splendid architecture.

·        QUTUB MINAR: It is the tallest historical attraction declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

·        LOTUS TEMPLE: It has inimitable architectural beauty and has become a major landmark in India.

·        CHANDNI CHOWK: It is the oldest and busiest market in Delhi.

·        JAMA MASJID: It is one of the largest mosques in India.

·        AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE: It has a massive temple complex showcases the traditional Indian architecture.


The best time to visit Delhi is between October and March when the weather conditions are pleasant. Plan your travel during these months and enjoy the beauty of India while you are on your way to get a healthy smile.


Many travel agents associate with top dental clinics in India to offer you the most affordable packages for dental tourism in India. They take care of your arrangements, travel, treatment, and stay. Discuss your dental issues with the dentists, know your dental needs and plan your dental tourism in India.

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