Root Canal for Baby Teeth

Root Canal for Baby Teeth

Not only is a root canal for baby teeth sometimes necessary, but it is also one of the most common treatments performed on baby teeth. Root canal treatments are typically performed on a tooth that has been infected. This is usually a result of tooth decay that has made its way into the pulp chamber.

Parents sometimes think it might not be necessary to save a baby tooth since it will eventually fall out, but infections come with unbearable pain, and they can lead to even more severe complications when left unaddressed.

baby tooth that is lost prematurely can lead to other issues with the permanent tooth that will eventually follow. This occurs since baby teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth, they ensure each permanent tooth comes out in the right position. Saving a primary tooth is as important as keeping a permanent one. The loss of the tooth interferes with simple tasks like chewing and speech development.

Root Canal for Baby Teeth

Root canals are also performed to save erupted teeth permanent teeth that have compromised pulp chambers.

Symptoms that a child’s baby teeth need a root canal

When parents suspect a child has an infected tooth, the first step is to visit a dentist. The dentist will perform an examination looking for symptoms of an infected tooth like tooth sensitivity, toothaches, inflamed gums, and pus.

The dentist will also perform diagnostic X-rays to get a clearer picture of what is going on underneath the gumline. At Sterling Dental Clinic, you can be assured of a quality dental treatment for your child.

Infections are a severe dental issue since it can make its way into the child’s bloodstream and eventually into other areas of the body like the brain and heart. The results of this can be life-threatening.

We are always ready to help!  Wondering if your child’s baby teeth are infected? Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at Sterling Dental Clinic today.

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  1. Very valuable post!
    Agreed with you, The motivation behind why we perform root canals on infant teeth is to keep up the excess tooth design of an essential tooth and keep the gum tissue and bones that help it safe. A root canal can forestall disease and guarantee the creating lasting teeth stay sound

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